New WWII Exhibit Opens at The Museum of Flight

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World War II ended seventy-five years ago. The War was one of the most destructive and defining events in history; it cost the lives of over 80 million people from dozens of countries and shaped the world we live in today. Beyond the casualties, it was an ideological struggle that touched nearly everyone.

The Museum of Flight commemorates the end of the War with the exhibit, Untold Stories: World War II at 75. Using artifacts and records from the Museum’s collection we highlight the stories of lesser-known, diverse people who lived and died during the war years.

You will see the camera that Lee Embree used to capture the first images of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the drafting tool Margery Watson used to help design the iconic air scoop of the North American P-51 Mustang. You will learn about Richard Candelaria’s daring escape from enemy territory after being shot down over Germany, and Ben Kuroki’s harrowing journey as a gunner on U.S. bombers over Europe and the Pacific. And clips from the Museum’s Oral History program will allow you watch World War II veterans share their own experiences.

Untold Stories is the first major enhancement in 16 years to the Museum’s renowned gallery of World War II fighter aircraft and artifacts. With its new videos, artifacts and striking presentations your experience in the gallery will be more personal than ever. For more information visit


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