Art Nalls Hawker-Siddeley Harrier Fleet for Sale!

Art Nalls magical performances in his Sea Harrier are legend on the U.S. air show circuit. Nalls is currently selling the aircraft along with two other Harriers with Courtesy Aircraft Sales. (image by Benoit de Mulder via Wikimedia Commons)
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When it comes to operating modern combat aircraft as warbirds on the air show circuit, few believed it would ever become a reality, especially not for an aircraft as complex as the British Aerospace Sea Harrier. But Art Nalls and his team at Nalls Aviation proved that it could be done – and in dramatic fashion. The team successfully restored Sea Harrier FA.2 XZ439 to flying condition back in November, 2007 and they have consistently flown the jump jet on the air show circuit ever since. XZ439 is the only privately owned and operated Harrier, of any variant, in the world today. Along the way, Nalls also purchased an older Harrier GR.3 for spares, and a two-seat Harrier T.8 (ZD993) for use as a flight trainer. Indeed the restoration team is very close to having the T.8 ready to fly again.

Joe Anderson prepares for his performance in Art Nalls’ Sea Harrier FA.2 at the Cleveland National Air Show in 2014. (image via Wikipedia)

However, as with every warbird owner, there always comes a day when they decide to pass the torch on to the next generation. And this is now the case for Art Nalls and his Harrier fleet. He has listed the aircraft with Mark Clark’s Courtesy Aircraft Sales, along with a massive spares cache to keep the aircraft operating. The following details were provided by Courtesy Aircraft describing what is included in this purchase. While we are sad to see Mr.Nalls ending his association with the mighty SHAR, his decision now presents an exciting and unique opportunity for another discerning collector – it is unlikely such an extraordinary chance will ever present itself again…

Art Nalls made a fabulous entrance with his Hawker Sea Harrier FA.2 during his performance at the Culpeper Air Show in 2015. (photo by Richard Mallory Allnutt)

Sea Harrier FA.2 XZ439: 

The world’s first and only privately-owned and flown Harrier of any kind. The aircraft has been a star attraction at airshows across North America for 13 years flying almost 200 hours. 

  • TOTAL TIME: 1324 Hours TTSNEW 
  • ENGINE: Rolls Royce Pegasus MK 104 #9233 513 Hours Since Overhaul 
  • AVIONICS: Garmin GNC-420W GPS/Comm 
  • ARC-182 Military #2 Comm for both UHF and VHF communication 
  • P.S. Engineering PM-1200 Intercom (for ground crew coordination) 
  • Garmin GTX-320 Transponder 
  • Ameri-king Encoder EQUIPMENT: Dual Concorde RG batteries 
  • Gas Turbine Starter 
  • Stencil ejection seat 
  • MISCELLANOUS: The Aircraft operates under an FAA FSDO approved Master Maintenance program. The aircraft has an extensive set of manuals (both print and digital), military logs, mod sheets and component records 

History: Built by Hawker-Siddley, build number 912002, as a Fighter/Reconnaissance/Strike (FRS.1) naval fighter aircraft. The second Sea Harrier built, XZ439 is the oldest surviving Sea Harrier in existence. The type rose to international prominence during the Falklands War of 1982.

  • First flight March 30, 1979 
  • Delivered to the Royal Navy May 10, 1979 
  • Used as a test aircraft and the first to takeoff from a Ski Jump at sea, October 30, 1980. 
  • Converted from a FRS.1 to FRS.2 as a midlife trials aircraft September 19, 1988. Conversion included a new longer and larger nose to accommodate the BLUE VIXEN radar upgrade, lengthening the rear fuselage approximately 18 inches for additional avionics and weapons systems upgrades. The cockpit was modified to incorporate two, multi-function displays. 
  • First flight as FRS.2 on March 8, 1989 
  • Received BLUE VIXEN Radar modification May 24, 1990 
  • First to fire Advanced, Medium Range, Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM), AIM-120 
  • Designator changed from FRS.2 to FA.2 (Fighter Attack) in May, 1994 
  • Retired from the Royal Navy on December 11, 2004. 
  • Sold as surplus and subsequently purchased by Art Nalls, September, 2005 
  • Shipped to the United States early 2006 for its new home base in Georgetown, Delaware  Shipped later in 2006 to St. Mary’s County, Maryland for maintenance and refit as civilian Harrier, and first flights. 
  • Granted first US Civilian registration of a Harrier as N94422. 
  • First flight November 10th, 2007

Harrier T.8 ZD993

Harrier T8 ZD993 – coded 723 prior to her retirement from the RAF/RN fleet. (image via Art Nalls)

SPECIFICATIONS T.MK.8 Two Seat, Dual-Control Harrier 

This is probably the only opportunity in the world to have a civilian Harrier Trainer. It is a very rare aircraft – only 46 of the first-generation Harrier trainers were ever built. None are flying today. This is the only one in private hands that is anywhere near capable of flight and is undergoing inspection for completion. 

The airplane was is virtually complete, with spares. The cockpits are pristine. The front cockpit is virtually identical to the single-seat Sea Harrier, as this was the Sea Harrier trainer. There are many possible uses for this aircraft including: airshows, training, flight experiences, military contract work, advertising and promotional work. 

  • TOTAL TIME: 2534 Hours TTSNEW
    8048 Landings 
  • ENGINE: Rolls Royce Pegasus MK 103
    566 Hours Since Overhaul 
  • EQUIPMENT: Original stock condition
    Excellent canopies
    New Tires
    Excellent records 
  • FLIGHT STATUS: Last flight March 2006
    Nearing completion of extensive assembly and return to service inspection per NALLS Aviation FAA approved Maintenance program.

    Art Nalls in the cockpit of Harrier T.8 ZD993 soon after he acquired the airframe in 2016. (image via Art Nalls)

Harrier GR.3

Included with this outstanding package is a third Harrier. This GR-3 Harrier is a very complete aircraft It is an excellent source for spare parts or to use for static display. 

The Harrier GR.3, although an RAF airframe, it has a USMC squadron patch on it representative of Art Nalls own experience flying Harriers in the Corps. (photo via Courtesy Aircraft Sales)

The Harrier GR.3’s immaculate cockpit. (photo via Courtesy Aircraft Sales)

Harrier GR.3 nose gear. (photo via Courtesy Aircraft Sales)

But wait… there’s more! 

In addition to the three aircraft, the package also includes: Spares, Support Equipment, Engines, Manuals, Rotables, and a Travel Support Kit. The Owner will also provide his knowledge gained from more than a decade of successful airshow performances in the civilian airshow world! 


The owner has operated Sea Harrier FA-2 for 13 years in air shows across North America. These spares and support items have been an integral part of a dependable air show team. The listings below are intended to an introduction to what is included in the package. The quantities, condition and completeness of the package not guaranteed.


  • Wheels 
  • Brake assemblies 
  • Tires both- ready to go and cores for recapping 
  • Ejection Seats and parts 
  • Pumps 
  • Hydraulic components, parts and seals 
  • Landing gear- main and nose 
  • Gun chutes 
  • Several Gas Turbine Starters and parts 
  • Engines- some useable and some for parts 
  • Engine nozzles 


  • Tow bars 
  • Static Ejection seat trainer 
  • Engine sling 
  • Universal Sling for lifting complete aircraft or parts thereof 
  • Jacks and trestles 
  • Manuals- both paper and electronic 
  • Special hardware 
  • Rigging tools 
  • 90 KVA power cart 
  • Hydraulic mule 
  • Jack pads 
  • Gas turbine starter test stands 
  • Seat Stand 
  • Boarding ladders 
  • Trim test box 
  • Special shock equipped engine stands 

Ready For a Once In a Lifetime Opportunity? 

Contact Mark Clark, President


Courtesy Aircraft Sales

5233 Falcon Road

Rockford, IL 61109



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