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The artwork of famed aviation artist Gary Velasco currently graces the noses of some of the most famous warbirds flying today, including B-24A Diamond Lil, B-25Js Show Me, Take-Off Time, and Tondelayo, B-17Gs Madras Maiden and Texas Raiders, TBMs Doris Mae and She’s the Boss, and P-51D Kwitcherbitchin.  In a recent interview with Warbird Digest, Velasco described how he brings his personality and knowledge gained over his 25-year career to the forefront on “WingNut & RockHead Show”, his new show on YouTube. “It’s a new aviation show where we discuss creating aviation aircraft nose art replica panels, hulls and tails from mid-size to full size.  Anything nose art related, and aviation is up for discussion in this loosely formatted, fun show with special guests chiming in via Zoom, calling or stopping by and interacting in a variety of topics.  Segments include behind the scenes progress on featured projects, Q&A, Fun Facts and new show topics including the warbird community in every episode.” Gary told Warbird Digest.


CAF B-24 Diamond Lil re-paint.

Not to be out-done, his co-host Chief Petty Officer Dawn Evans is a retired U.S. Coast Guard veteran who not only brings some beauty to the show but new to the aviation scene and is learning all about what the aviation world is like from a novice perspective.  Both Velsaco and Evans share the same interests in rock music, hence the show’s theme, look and name.  The chemistry between the two interjecting is well blended and keeps the viewing audience wondering what will happen next.

The show’s pilot show was published on April 16, 2021 and a new episode is launched every Sunday at 1pm EST on YouTube under Gary’s YT channel “noseart1”.  If you have any questions /feedback you would like to ask Gary or Dawn, please feel free to ask/post either on the comments or email


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