The People’s Mosquito: Operation Jericho – Update 8

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The People’s Mosquito has just announced the latest update in their fundraising campaign, dubbed Operation Jericho, and what these funds have already initiated. They began this campaign just over three months ago, and have raised roughly half of the £250,000 budget to complete both of the fuselage moulds for their deHavilland Mosquito project, along with money for construction of the fuselage itself. Retrotec, the aircraft restoration company to build the mosquito, is making real progress with the construction of the moulds. We thought our readers would enjoy reading their update and consider contributing themselves…

After the success of their first restoration video, Retrotec has produced another fascinating film showing the team putting the campaign funds, now over £110,000, to great use in crafting the fuselage moulds. Watch how Retrotec is taking a modular approach, using sustainable jelutong wood, to complete Mould A’s in-fills.

As Mould A is nearing completion we need your help to keep our most successful campaign to date going. Work on Mould B is imminent, so funds are needed and we appreciate all the help you can provide.

As well as donations, another way readers can help is by sharing this update and link to the film. By adding more ‘Mossie’ fans to the cause together, we will get this done! Donations = Progress = More Workshop Films!


A drawing describing the Merlin engine’s cooling system on the Mosquito. Note the bulbous header tank for storing the glycol coolant just above the engine crank shaft. (image via The People’s Mosquito)

The People’s Mosquito is also moving towards another aspect of the rebuild, the restoration of the two mighty Rolls-Royce Merlin engines to power the aircraft. They are currently working on elements of the cooling system, a vital component in keeping  running temperatures at safe operating conditions.  As everyone knows, the Rolls-Royce Merlin fitted to the Mosquito is a liquid-cooled engine. The coolant which the Merlin uses is ethylene-glycol (30% ethylene to 70% distilled water to be precise), and each engine requires one of the header tanks seen below to store this vital fluid. Due to their complexity, these tanks are incredibly time-consuming to refurbish, let alone remanufacture, and the project only has one example at present.

Retrotec currently has a single glycol coolant tank on hand for the Mosquito’s restoration, but they will need another for the second Merlin engine. The above image shows the glycol tank before its refurbishment. (image via the People’s Mosquito)

The glycol tank following its refurbishment at Retrotec. (image via The People’s Mosquito)

Sponsorship Wanted – Put Your Name On Keeping The Merlin Cool!

We are looking for £7,500 to put your name on history! 

A new airworthy glycol tank would cost £12-15,000 to produce from scratch. It is made from complex, hard-formed sections of brass with internal baffles and water deflectors. Each section also has complex curves to form.

If you are interested in helping support this part of the project, please contact us here to discuss additional benefits we will offer in addition to placing your name on the tank!

WANTED! We have one tank, but with two Merlins to keep cool, we need another! If you have a tank available, or know where we might obtain one, please contact us here.

How You Can Support the UK Mossie

If you are inspired by our latest film, then please click on the campaign link below for the details of some great packages, with exclusive offers.

Bronze £25 – Silver £100 – Gold £500 – Diamond £2000 – Platinum £5000

Those of you that wish to make a regular donation to save towards the reward package of your choice. Please click on the link below.

Regular Donations Page Here 

It’s a simple and effective way for you to take part.
Please also email us at to inform us of your regular donation

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