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Tornado F.3, stored at Shawbury

Tornado F.3, stored at Shawbury
Tornado F.3s, stored at Shawbury

Three Panavia Tornado F.3s at the aircraft Maintenance and Storage Unit at RAF Shawbury in England are being disposed of. One plane is heading to RAF Leeming in Yorks while the other two are going to the the Defence Fire Training and Development Centre in Kent.

While the Tornado was in service in the United Kingdom for almost 25 years it was a troublesome aircraft to maintain and was never a stand-out in terms of performance or capabilities. The UK’s fleet of Tornados has been being drawn down in numbers for nearly a decade now, replaced by the Eurofighter Typhoon. The Tornado was also flown by the Italian Air force via a lease agreement with the British from 1995 to 2004 when the Italians replaced their Tornado fleet with leased F-16s. The Tornado remains in service with Royal Saudi Air Force, though they are in the process of phasing it out as well, replacing it with the Eurofighter Typhoon.


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