Warbird Radio Favorite Friday – Dr.Mark Timken & White 1

Inside the fuselage of the Fw-190 known as White 1. (photo via WarbirdRadio.com)
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Inside the fuselage of the Fw-190 known as White 1. (photo via WarbirdRadio.com)
Inside the fuselage of the Fw-190 known as White 1. (photo via WarbirdRadio.com)

WarbirdsNews has another great piece from Matt Jolley and Warbird Radio that we thought we would share with you this morning for Warbird Radio Favorite Friday! This week Matt Jolley will revisit a conversation with Dr.Mark Timken to discuss his long-term involvement with the restoration of a Focke-Wulf Fw-190F8 now with the Collings Foundation, and known universally as “White 1”.

As Matt Jolley related, “One of the most passionate restoration experts I’ve ever met is Mark Timken. Dr.Timken owned the White 1 project at the time I met him. Hands down, I’ve never met anyone more concerned and unafraid of pursuing a project with absolute authenticity than Dr. Timken. Everything (down to the part stampings) was correct. The aluminum skins being used had the correct markings on the interior side that nobody would ever see except the airframe inspectors. This Fw-190 was on track to be the most astonishing restoration ever completed.

A few years ago Mr. Timken sold White 1 to the Collings Foundation, and the project is continuing to move forward. What stands out more than anything in this story is Dr. Timken’s desire and passion for keeping it correct. Too often the history is swept under the rug of the restoration shop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for safety improvements, but there’s something to be said for someone who has the money, time and determination to make it correct and still preserve the story.

White 1 has a bullet hole here and there, original components and lots of parts lovingly recreated, but in the end White 1 has a history of civilian owners who care about her preservation. My hat’s off to Dr. Timken and the work he pushed through in order to make White 1 the finest example of a Fw-190 he could muster. Cheers Mark and happy Friday!”

Till next week,

Matt Jolley


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