2013 Wings Wheels and Goggles Pre-War Rally June 8-9

(Image Credit: Wings Wheels and Goggles)
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(Image Credit: Wings Wheels and Goggles)
(Image Credit: Wings Wheels and Goggles)
Harkening back to rallies of the early 20th century, when you couldn’t fly a plane or drive a sports car without protective eyewear, on June 8th and 9th at the Teuge airfield near Apeldoorn, Netherlands there will be a unique event for pre-war sports cars and classic aircraft. This first Wings Wheels and Goggles rally will see 50-60 teams competing in a rally that will take place both on land and in the air.

Over 50 old aircraft and an equal number of pre-war open-top sports cars will compete for the honor of the win and a beautiful trophy. Over the course of three sessions the teams, each consisting of a plane and a car will have a certain route to complete, with waypoints along the way, and a specific targeted time for completion.

(Image Credit: Wings Wheels and Goggles)
(Image Credit: Wings Wheels and Goggles)
The event starts and finishes at the airport and the progress of the rally can be followed by spectators from the site; participating planes and cars will also be available for up close viewing and their pilots will be available to discuss the particulars of their ride.

In addition there will be runway shows, flight demonstrations with a Catalina, a B25 Mitchell bomber, the Breitling Wing Walkers and several aerobatic performances. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will display a DC-3 Dakota and the Royal Air Force will show a North American Harvard. Bentley Motorcars will have their complete current line-up as well as some of their historically significant pre-war race cars on display.

There are all kinds of activities organized around the rally that are in keeping with the era of the planes and automobiles participating as well as demonstrations of model planes, parachutists, a drive-in for classic cars, a balloon festival and flight experiences in some of the vintage aircraft on offer.

Discounted tickets to this unique event are available online at: www.teugetickets.nl

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