CAF Mile High Wing Offers Flight to a Young Fan Battling Rare Illness

We thought our readers might be interested to hear about some of the ways which various warbird operations reach out to help their communities, and this story from the Commemorative Air Force’s Mile High Wing in Broomfield, Colorado struck a particular note for us here at WarbirdsNews/Warbird Digest.

Young Cody Green has had a challenging couple of years. Diagnosed in 2019 with Pediatric Myelodysplastic Anemia, Cody has spent months getting treatments, going to physical therapy, and even undergone two bone marrow transplants. One thing which always perks him up though is stopping in at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport. Well this week, Cody got more than he bargained for when he and his mom stopped in because the Mile High Wing of the Commemorative Air Force was out there with their Beech SNB-5 Expeditor SoNoran Beauty. Cody’s mother, Kerrie Anne Green said that they were making their near-daily trip up to the airport on the way home from physical therapy when Cody’s day was made. He saw an old World War II airplane taking off. When Cody and his mom walked up to get a closer look at the aircraft, the pilots invited him out to the tarmac to look at the plane and talk to him about it. Kerrie said the pilots told Cody they would take him up in it in a couple of weeks. Kerrie and Cody are most appreciative, but we’re equally sure it was the crew’s pleasure.

According to the Mile High Wing Operations Officer, Jeff Hinkle, the crew would have given Cody a ride that day, but SoNoran Beauty had just finished the annual and the pilots needed time for currency flights and check rides. Cody’s flight is currently scheduled for early May. You can learn more about the Mile High Wing online at


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