Museum’s Artist-in-Residence Shares Insights Blending Tradition and Tech

Images: Ted Huetter/The Museum of Flight.
Aircorps Art Dec 2019


The Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington recently launched an artist in residence.  This program seeks to bring the worlds of art and aerospace together in a unique experience for visitors to the museum.

On Sept. 9, the Museum’s first Artist-in-Residence, Harriet Salmon, will share insights about the sculptures she created during her June Residency. Salmon’s artwork blended aircraft structures with traditional woodcraft techniques that have been used in England and the Northeast. The 2 p.m. presentation will be in the Museum studio where her sculptures are on view until Jan. 2024. Salmon will talk about how her techniques and materials have been used historically, and how technology, aerospace and aeronautics have influenced her art. The program is free with Museum membership and included with general admission.


Three of Harriet Salmon’s sculptures in the Museum’s Artist-in-Residence studio. Images: Ted Huetter/The Museum of Flight.


This program with Harriot Salmon is part of the Museum’s six-month Art+Flight project. Art+Flight is a museum-wide, community-focused celebration connecting the region’s vibrant arts scene with its rich aerospace history. Art+Flight offers sculpture, painting, photography, installation, new media and community events to realize our feelings, enhance our perceptions, and remind us of the awe and joy of flight through the materiality of art.


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