Darren Harbar Photography workshops support you to get more from your DSLR, Mirrorless or CSC camera.

Each workshop covers the basics, including how to use your camera settings. For some, this is an escape from using auto settings, and for others, it’s a useful refresher of the basics.

The day offers many unique opportunities for photography and covers the most likely scenarios in which you may wish to photograph an aircraft, leaving you set to tackle the next air show with confidence.

This event is limited to 22 attendees, ensuring that it remains a personal day, enabling each participant the access they require.

What to expect on the day

This workshop provides superb photographic opportunities. Your day starts with a theory presentation on how best to use your camera settings, followed by some time in the Shuttleworth Collection hangars, where you can practice some photography with more challenging lighting and learn how to manage the camera settings in a heritage environment. After lunch, you’ll head onto the airfield where you’ll get further instruction on how to photograph a classic aircraft in a very natural setting and there will be a period dressed re-enactor on site to pose for some portraits. If the weather permits, we’ll be looking to theme our day around the racer aircraft. The last part of the day is more challenging as you learn the technique of photographing a moving subject above you in the sky. The day covers the most likely scenarios you’ll wish to picture an aircraft and will leave you set to tackle the next airshow with confidence.

What have previous attendees said

“Darren’s insights were very valuable and delivered with the enthusiasm of a professional who believes that we should all be getting the best out of our cameras and our love for aviation.”

“More fun than I’ve had in ages.”

“Shuttleworth is a wonderful setting for these workshops, be it the backdrop or the aeroplanes themselves.”

“Darren ran the event really well and was helpful with any camera settings, shooting angles and photographic ideas.”