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51+gnGYAnYLThe author Nick Veronico will be well known to many WarbirdsNews readers. He’s written numerous aviation history and warbirds-related books over the past couple of decades which have received wide acclaim, not to mention his work in the aviation press as well. Therefore it is with great pleasure that we talked with him recently about his latest book Hidden Warbirds II, which is just about to hit the book shelves. This is a sequel to his fascinating, and highly successful book Hidden Warbirds, which Zenith Press released last year.

Nick’s writing style is conversational and always engaging, and anyone who has the slightest interest in vintage aircraft is bound to find the stories of discovery in Hidden Warbirds II completely absorbing. You will ride alongside the recovery teams, like a vicarious Indiana Jones, as they journey around the globe to locate and salvage rare aircraft. Each airframe’s history comes to the fore, along with numerous documentary photographs. You will learn about Lex Cralley and his recovery from a North Carolinian swamp of the world’s only known surviving Brewster F3A Corsair, or Don Brooks’ raising a B-17 bomber from a lake in Labrador. Veronico also describes the almost completely intact Junkers Ju-88 pulled from a Norwegian fjord in 2003, and several other unique finds. Not to be left out are the warbirds found in unusual places, rather than at their crash sites, such as a P-51 Mustang located in Uraguay.   

But you don’t have to just take WarbirdsNews’ word for it. Here is what some well respected aviation historians have to say about Hidden Warbirds II:

“Global and fraught with risk, the adventure stories in Hidden Warbirds II would do Indiana Jones proud. From icy Norway to the steamy outback, we are there, witnesses to epic treasure hunts and more—the race to save the history of brave men.” —Adam Makos, New York Times best-selling author of A Higher Call

“Hunting for hidden treasures has always had wide appeal, but Nicholas A. Veronico brings entirely new dimensions to the genre. He provides in fascinating detail the past, present, and future of a number of great subjects—fascinating vintage airplanes rescued from locations such as the English Channel, a frozen lake in Norway, and more. Hidden Warbirds II is a fundamental contribution to aviation history, well researched and well written, as easy to read as a novel, and absolutely loaded with facts.” —Walter J. Boyne, USAF (ret.), author/historian and former director, Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum.

In case you wanted a little more detail on which aircraft are covered in this book, here is the table of contents:

Part One: What Historic Aircraft Do the Waters Hold?
  • Battle of Britain: Do-17 Recovery
  • Bringing Up a Birdcage Corsair
  • Ju-88 U4+TK Recovery and Restoration
  • Dyke Lake B-17 Recovery
  • Lend-Lease P-39 Restoration
Part Two: In from the Swamps and Jungles
  • Thunderbolt in a Swamp
  • Sole Surviving Brewster F3A-1 Corsair
  • Recovering the Sandbar Mitchell
  • Australian Outback P-40 over the Wine Country
Part Three: Lucky Finds: Rare Warbirds in Unusual Places
  • Return of a Uruguayan Air Force Mustang
  • Hawker Tempest II Restoration in Texas
  • Where Did All the B-24 Liberators Go?
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Mustangs on Poles
  • World War II Privateer Survived as a Firebomber

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