D-Day Squadron Announces Documentary Memorialize Story of Atlantic Crossing

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The D-Day Squadron announced a partnership with the documentary film INTO FLIGHT ONCE MORE, produced by Sound Off Films, which is currently in production and raising completion funds for an anticipated 2020 release. The film commemorates the D-Day Squadron’s crossing of the Atlantic with 15 historic C-47 and DC-3 aircraft to honor the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy on June 6th, 2019. INTO FLIGHT ONCE MORE shares the incredible individual stories of veterans that flew with the D-Day Squadron from Oxford, Connecticut to Normandy, France—and in some cases jumped with them—while showcasing the many once-in-a-lifetime commemorations that took place in the U.K. and France.

The film’s teaser video can be seen online at ddaysquadron.org/ddsfilm. The D-Day Squadron encourages its members to support its continuing mission of ensuring the story of D-Day is not forgotten by contributing to the film’s completion funds at ddaysquadron.org/ddsfilm.

“It was a great privilege to be a part of the D-Day Squadron on our journey across the Atlantic to Normandy. I was touched to hear stories firsthand from those who fought for our freedom 75 years ago and become close with the teams who took on this tremendous effort to honor them,” said Adrienne Hall, Principal of Sound Off Films and Director of INTO FLIGHT ONCE MORE. “We’re thrilled to be able to bring history to life, share the highs and lows of this incredible trip and contribute to enduring memory of D-Day.”

“When D-Day Squadron aircraft flew the original “Blue Spruce route to cross the Atlantic, the film crew travelled with us in support aircraft and in the actual C-47s at times,” stated Moreno Aguiari, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the D-Day Squadron. “They were completely embedded with the pilots, crews and team of the D-Day Squadron so they could capture the full breadth and scope of what was accomplished. They became a part of us.”

“But the story has not yet been told,” Aguiari continued. “Additional funding needs to be raised to finish the film so that the story of this tribute to the Greatest Generation with all of the challenges, risks and rewards that went along with it, can be preserved in the best possible format for the generations of the future.”

Hundreds of hours of high-definition footage were recorded during the journey, but editing, marketing and promotion still need to be funded to ensure a successful release. Events captured for the film include:

  • Multiple paratrooper drops and a presidential flyover of the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings
  • Flyovers during the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift
  • The personal stories of the pilots, crews and veterans that either took 75-year-old aircraft through some of the most remote airports on the planet and/or participated in commemorations in Connecticut, Maine, Scotland, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy

Accomplishments  during the mission of the D-Day Squadron include     :

  • 15 airplanes returning to Europe and Normandy
  • 6 D-Day veterans personally honored
  • 150,000 total miles flown by Squadron aircraft
  • 1,050 total flight hours by Squadron aircraft
  • 1,776 miles flown over water by Squadron aircraft
  • 11 flight information regions covered by Squadron aircraft
  • 45 pilots participated
  • 1 presidential fly over on the 75th anniversary of D-Day
  • 1 route completed over Manhattan and around the Statue of Liberty
  • 2,594,296 people reached on Social Media
  • Events covered by 195 individual accredited media
  • 31 partners that helped to make every accomplishment a reality

Contributions to the completion and release of INTO FLIGHT ONCE MORE can be made to the Tunison Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization and the home of the D-day Squadron. Gift may be made on-line hereddaysquadron.org/ddsfilm All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

About Sound Off Films and Studio Azul:

Sound Off Films specializes in blue-chip documentary, natural history and branded content. Founded in 2014 Sound Off’s  work amplifies the rallying cry for the most pressing social issues of our time. Sound Off Films has produced socially-driven branded projects for elite clients including Facebook, DJI, and Red Bull, and has collaborated with world-class organizations such as UNESCO, Rainforest Action Network, and Plastic Pollution Coalition. Their conventional documentary work includes the ESPN 30 for 30 films Bump and Spike and The Pittsburgh Drug Trials, Katy Perry’s Witness Tour documentary, and The Discarded, released by Participant Media. Studio Azul was launched in 2019 and creates content with a focus on engaging Latino audiences.

About the D-Day Squadron

The D-Day Squadron is the part of the Tunison Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. In June 2019, the D-Day Squadron led an American fleet of 15 historic, restored C-47 World War II military aircraft to take part in a flyover of more than 30 international aircraft to drop over 200 paratroopers over the original 1944 drop zones in Normandy commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day. The event honored the citizen soldiers of the War, whose bravery led the Allies to the liberation of France, and then to an end of the devastating War in Europe. The Squadron’s education program takes the compelling story of the citizen soldier to audiences at airshows and events off the flight line to honor these brave Americans and ensure their memory and significance is appreciated for generations to come. The group’s efforts are funded through the generous tax-deductible contribution of their supporters. Learn more at DDaySquadron.org.


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