Two Aircraft Made Their “First” Public Displays at Shuttleworth’s Season Premier Airshow

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Two aircraft made their “first” public displays at Shuttleworth’s Season Premier Airshow on Sunday 1st May. Although AR501 a Mk Vc Supermarine Spitfire Mk.V Supermarine Spitfire had been seen in previous years this season she is sporting the more familiar “elliptical wing” as opposed to the original “clipped wing” as seen in previous shows when she first took to the stage in 2018.  She saw active service during World War Two and wears the livery of RAF 310 (Czech) Squadron, with whom she saw front-line service during 1942-1943.

The show also included an incredible display by Lt Cdr Chris Gotke, RN flying the “Navy Wings” Royal Navy Supermarine Seafire Mk XVII SX336, the only airworthy Seafire Mk XVII and one of only very few Seafires in the world. The Seafire is the naval version of the most famous of all British aircraft the Spitfire, Modified to operate from aircraft carriers during World War Two and powered by the Rolls Royce Griffon VI engine. The Seafire was purchased by Navy Wings Charity with major donations given for the specific purpose of adding this beautiful aircraft to the collection. She was originally built at Westlands, Yeovilton in April 1946 and re-built by Kennet Aviation at North Weald nearly sixty years later.


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