Vintage Flying Museum’s Warbird Ride Day

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by Gary Daniels
Weather can make or break an aviation event.
For the first day of Spring, Mother Nature smiled on north Texas and gave us a beautiful, blue sky day with a light breeze and temps in the 60’s. The fantastic weather brought out many folks to the Vintage Flying Museum, at Meacham International Airport in Ft. Worth, Texas, to see several of their warbirds take flight for the Warbird Ride Day on Saturday, March 20. And, the ride aircraft were booked for public flight experiences throughout the day.
Rides were available on the Commemorative Air Force’s B-29 Superfortress FiFi, AT-6 Texan, PT-13 Kaydet, and the Greatest Generation Aircraft DC-3 Southern Cross. The lucky passengers were all smiles as they walked back from their ride aircraft to the hangar. While the Warbird Ride Day helps support the museum and care for the aircraft, flying in these vintage aeroplanes is a great way to better understand the aviation history they represent… but it’s also great fun!
Sadly, our aviation industry has been ravaged since the pandemic took hold in March 2020. Aspects affected of course also include the airshow industry and aviation museums. Many vintage aircraft are cared for by museums, but the dramatic reduction in paying customers has devastated numerous museums financially. Furthermore, the pandemic prevented most airshows from taking place in 2020, and this had a knock-on effect for the people and organizations who maintain participating aircraft since they depend, in part, upon the revenue that air show activities generate. So to help these fine groups rebound, please do consider visiting your favorite aviation museum sometime soon, and spend a few dollars if you can so that they can continue to care for our aviation treasures and ‘keep ’em flying!’ Let’s all hope for a much better 2021!
Enjoy the photos.

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