Yanks Air Museum to Debut new “Planes” Ride for the Kiddies August 17th

disney-planesCapitalizing on what will surely be full-blown Planes hysteria following the debut of Disney’s much-hyped wide release of Planes on August 9th, Yanks Air Museum of Chino, California will be opening their first carnival-stye ride for children visiting the facility, and you only get one guess on its theme.

Yanks Young AviatorPromising to allow kids to “take flight with Dusty and friends” the Planes ride at Yanks will have its grand opening on Saturday, August 17th. Also opening for the first time that day will be Yanks’ brand new theatre, kids area and new exhibits.

Also on hand will be their resident pilot extraordinaire Bon Hayden, who will be offering rides in a PT-17 Biplane and Daniel Wotring offering flight experiences in “The Pilot Maker” T-6 Texan. The museum’s Lockheed EC-121 Warning Star will also be open for tours. This military version of the legendary Constellation flew classified, secret missions during the cold war and was tasked with detecting any soviet incursions into American airspace in the era before satellite surveillance. This complete, airworthy and original plane is worth a trip to Chino in and of itself. Constellation specialists Gary Harrington and Conrad Neumann will be present to inform visitors about Airborne Early Warning operations, Radiomen and their missions.

The 82nd airborne living history re-enactors will be hosting “Jumpmaster” for kids ages 7-17! Allowing them to train as paratrooper and make a “jump”! As Yanks puts it: “For flyin’ out loud, that is a lot of activities!” Packages are available that include admission, the Planes ride, posters, food and fun!

While we missed the premiere at Oshkosh, we’ll be in line for the first showing of this movie, and just in case you’ve been living under a rock, check out this gorgeous video to see what all the fuss is about:


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