LIFT Aviation’s Revolutionary AV1-KOR Flight Helmet

LIFT Aviation's AV1-KOR Aviation helmet in action! (photo via LIFT Aviation)

Advertorial*: As we have said here before, sponsorship plays a vital role in keeping the lights on at any aviation magazine, and it’s no different for us here at Warbird Digest. For these partnerships to be effective, they must also complement our audience’s interests as well, whether for readers with a broad interest in aviation and aviation history, or those who actually own, operate or maintain warbirds. Keeping this in mind, we have connected with a number of significant, aviation-related businesses over the years. 

One such company is LIFT Aviation, which offers a range of high quality, cutting edge flight gear for the discerning aviator, whether they fly a vintage warbird, something more modern, or even experimental. Their range of products includes flying helmets, flight caps, knee pads, shoes, eyewear and other accessories… 

Back in August, we highlighted LIFT Aviation’s dedicated line of aviator footwear. LIFT Aviation has tailored their sleek and comfortable designs to make flying that little bit easier and safer… with a flourish of style too. LIFT Aviation has taken the same approach with the design of their innovative AV1-KOR flight helmets too, so we thought we would explore these further with this advertorial. 

When asked to describe his reasoning behind the new helmet design, Todd Lentz (Senior VP of LIFT Aviation) stated, “The technology behind the aviation helmets our military uses dates back to the 1960s, which is shocking in itself!  We wanted to change that by taking on the challenge of bringing innovation and modern technology to aviation helmets.  The years of experience we have in the personal safety and motorcycle protection industries helped us create a state of the art aviation helmet that pilots will love to use for years to come.”

“The AV1-KOR helmet is lighter in weight, smaller in size, has improved impact ratings, offers significant ventilation and has proven itself with some of the best aerobatic pilots on the planet.” 

LIFT Aviation – The helmet, shoes, plane, and trophy of Olivier Langeard. He took this photo after the 2018 Reno Air Races where he flew a TB 30 Epsilon nicknamed Zebulon in the Sport Class. He is the Director of Aftermarket Programs at Dassault Falcon Jet. (photo via LIFT Aviation)

Jeff Boerboon (LIFT sponsored pilot of the Yak 110 and a John Klatt Airshows pilot) attested to the helmet’s qualities based upon his own experiences in the field, “The AV1 KOR Helmet is not only the lightest and smallest helmet on the market, but the technology is far superior to anything available today. From the casual aviation enthusiast to the top aerobatic pilots and the best fighter jet pilots, the LIFT Aviation AV1 KOR helmet is a true masterpiece.”

The following illustration depicting the AV1KOR helmet’s construction, along with descriptions for each layer, provides fascinating insight into what makes the design unique. 

1: PolyFusion Shell – This Is the first line of impact defense, and is designed to withstand the impact forces you’ll encounter inside the cockpit. In addition, this shell is engineered to maintain structural integrity in extreme temperatures.

2: Airflow Comfort Liner – A breathable material that promotes air flow circulation and cooling.

3: FireBlock – The comfort liner is made from FireBlock, a fire resistant composite, and Ariaprene; this moisture wicking liner draws sweat away from the wearers head.

4: Fidlock® – Quick Release that allows fasteners to be conveniently opened and closed single-handedly.

5: Pure Optics Goggle –The Anti-fog UV lens provides premium optics, reduces glare and supports a wider field of vision. TPR molded Visor Retainers mounted on the shell keep the visor from sliding off the helmet.

6: TrackGrip – TPR molded Visor Retainers mounted on the shell keep the visor from sliding off the helmet.

7: Koroyd – “The AV1-KOR helmet uses a Koroyd impact liner rather than the more traditional EPS liner. Koroyd’s honeycomb structure is made of up 95% air, which vastly improves ventilation in the helmet, as it allows heat from the head to travel through the external exhaust ports. The Koroyd liner also allows the helmet to be smaller by roughly 4mm, have better safety and impact ratings than a traditional EPS helmet liner, and makes the helmet very light, weighing in at only 750 grams.”

Headset Customization – The AV-1 KOR helmet is fully customizable with the following headsets: Active Headset, Bose A20 & Lightspeed ANR.


We hope that you have enjoyed a closer look at what makes LIFT Aviation’s AV1-KOR helmet so special. To learn more  about LIFT Aviation and their innovative designs, please do visit their website or keep up with them on Facebook.

*An advertorial is an advertisement in the form of editorial content.


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