2021 Warbirds in Review LIVE FEED

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In 2021 you can expect another world-class “Warbirds in Review.” With several veterans, guests, warbird operators, award-winning Sleeping Dog Productions, and the enthusiasm of aircraft owners, pilots, and ground crew members, you will be entertained and share our history with the world.



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July 26 – Monday

10:00 a.m. CST > Chance Vought F4-U-4 Corsair, CF-86 Sabre, and North American P-51D Mustang.
With Mark Murphy and Zach McNeil
Sponsored by Jumbolair Aviation Community and owned and operated by the American Honor Foundation. There will be a special pre-recorded interview with U.S. Naval Aviator Charles “Obie” O’Brien.
1:00 p.m. CST > Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat
With Taras LyssenkoLewis, Rod Lewis, Mark Clark, Dick Hansen, Steve Craig
Sponsored by Lewis Air Legends

July 27 -Tuesday

10:00 am CST > De Havilland Chipmunk, 75th Anniversary Special DHC-1-B2-S3 and DHC-1 T.10 Chipmunks and DHC-1 B2-S5 Super Chipmunk
With Nathan Hammond, Michael Kennedy, and Richard Wilsher
1:00 PM CST > North American P-51B and P-51D Mustangs “Old Crow”
With Col. C.E. “Bud” Anderson, Jack Roush, Jim Hagedorn

July 28 – Wednesday

10:00 am CST > Cessna O-1 Birddog, 70th (+1) Anniversary
With Jim Rohlf, Mike Weinfurter, Raven, Darrel Whitcomb
1:00 pm CST > Douglas AD-1 Skyraider
With Lt. Col. Dick Rutan
Sponsored by Warbird Heritage Foundation

July 29 – Thursday

10:00 a.m.CST > Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane
With Bruce Eames and Warren Pietsch
Sponsored by Bruce Eames – Dakota Territory Air Museum
1:00 pm CST > Cessna UC-78 “Bamboo Bomber” and Boeing PT-17 Stearman
With Lisa Taylor and John Marsh
National Wasp WWII Museum and Mike Porter

July 30 – Friday

10:00 am CST > Grumman F6F Hellcat
With Ens. Don McPherson, Evan Fagen, and Steve Hinton, Jr
Sponsored by Fagen Fighters WWII Museum
1:00 pm > Salute to Veterans Parade, sponsored by American Airlines

July 31 – Saturday
10:00 am  CST> North American P-51D Mustang “Miss Kitty”
With Bruce Eames and Warren Pietsch
Sponsored by Bruce Eames – Dakota Territory Air Museum
There will be a very special pre-recorded interview with the real Miss Kitty, Lavinia Rosenbaum.


Warbirds in Review sessions take place at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. daily, from July 26th – July 31st on the “Warbirds in Review” ramp in the Warbird area. The Warbirds in Review Jumbotron will feature programming throughout the day provided by Warbird Digest and Sleeping Dog Productions.



  1. I value receiving your email updates. However this one was way late, considering the content!

    The programs started on Monday, but I’m just hearing about it on Wednesday!?

    After scanning the email and online information I can’t tell if there will be a way to catch up. (I’m in the midst of moving, against a deadline, and don’t have time to dig further for information.)

    I would appreciate any information you can offer regarding future opportunities for watching these programs online.

    Thank you,

  2. Such an awesome thing you are doing by getting this stories out. Are the talks recorded so that others that missed the Live Stream can hear these real heroes tell their great stories

  3. Hello,

    I’d love to watch the segment on the F6F but don’t have Facebook and had to work at 8:00 so couldn’t watch it live. Will there be a way to watch it later?

  4. May I know who were the speakers after the Salute to Veterans Parade? And is there a video of the speeches? Thank you

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