B-25 Showcase #1- Jerry Yagen’s Fighter Factory B-25J

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e-publications republished with the permission of B-25  MITCHELL  ASSOCIATION

Jerry Yagen, who operates the Fighter Factory and the Military Aviation Museum located at Virginia Beach, VA, has an incredibly well restored and flying B-25J, serial number 44-30129, “Wild Cargo,” in his extensive collection of flyable warbirds.
44-30129 has had a long journey returning to the air on its way to Jerry’s collection, as you will see in the following historical data, but it is now quite an air show worthy Mitchell bomber.
Here is a link to the Aerial Visuals Airframe Dossier site with a detailed history about this Mitchell: Click HERE

This is a shorter history from the Warbirds Resource Group: Click HERE

Here is a link to the Fighter Factory’s website for their B-25J: Click HERE

And this is an excellent image of 44-30129 from the Jetphotos.net website: Click HERE

We are also very fortunate to have four YouTube videos showing this beautiful B-25J flying:


North American B-25J “Wild Cargo”
(9 min, 52 sec)


B-25 Flight Demo at the Military Aviation Museum
(10 min, 30 sec)


B-25 Mitchell “Wild Cargo” pt1
(7 min, 38 sec)

B-25 Mitchell “Wild Cargo” pt2
(6 min, 47 sec)


We encourage all members of the B-25 MITCHELL ASSOCIATION to send in their digital images of B-25s, or links to other interesting B-25 related sites or YouTube videos, for consideration for e-publication in B-25 SHOWCASE.


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