NWOC Announces Warbirds “20 Under 40” Program

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One of the principal reasons we do what we do here at Warbird Digest is to promote the engagement of younger generations in the Warbird Community. The Warbirds “20 Under 40” program initiated by the National Warbird Operator Conference does exactly that, and we thought we should share the following press release describing its function…

One of the purposes of the annual National Warbird Operator Conference is to bring people and ideas together. A new initiative was introduced at the 2019 conference in February called Warbirds “20 Under 40”. This program will recognize 20 individuals under 40 years old for their contributions to the Warbird field. The Warbird Community feels it is important to recognize young individuals making a positive contribution to the industry and helping to preserve the history of these aircraft and the people involved.

Mark Clark from Courtesy Aircraft Sales states, “What is not often seen or acknowledged is the number younger people who are carrying on the movement. These people need to be recognized and thanked for their efforts.”

Nomination forms are now available online for the 2019 Class. Qualifications for Nomination:

• Involvement in Warbirds

• Under 40 years of age on August 1, 2019

• Nominee could be a pilot, maintainer, ground crew, historian, photographer, etc.

A panel of judges with Warbird backgrounds will evaluate the nominees to verify he/she meets the panels qualifications highlighting their passion and dedication to the Warbird movement. Organizations Supporting the Program:

Cavanaugh Flight Museum

Experimental Aircraft Association

Warbird Adventures

Historic Flight Foundation

Dakota Territory Air Museum

Rezich and Rezich Aviation

Courtesy Aircraft Sales

Frasca International

North American Trainers Association

Any additional organizations and sponsors are always welcome.

Some Highlights of Applicants already submitted: Technical College Grad with A&P and Private License, handles mechanical challenges in many WWII Aircraft. He is “Always willing to take on the task of the day.” Volunteers with a large aviation museum, earned his SIC rating in large multi-engine bomer and quickly moved up to captain at under 30 years. Experienced pilot and Volunteer at AirVenture Flightline and Warbird Tower. “A smile, friendly handshake and make it happen attitude are his everyday traits.” T-6 pilot, volunteers her time to ferry aircraft and participate in various warbird airshows. Spends time educating others on importance of these aircraft.

[Ed: Just so readers know, 20 nominations have been received so far. Nominations close on June 15]

Winners will be recognized at Oshkosh AirVenture 2019. The organizations supporting 20 under 40 have pledged Warbird Flights and/or stick time in various parts of the country. These flights will be a fantastic reward for the winners for those who support the Warbird movement. The example they set for others is to be commended.


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