World War II Murals: From Midway Atoll To Hawaii

Six 1940s eight-by-twelve foot murals depicting scenes symbolic of the US involvement in World War II were brought to the Pacific Aviation Museum in Pearl Harbor.

The six paintings depict symbolic scenes of the United States involvement in World War II. The images include planes aboard an aircraft carrier, troops storming a beach and a battleship at sea.

The six unique murals were painted by Victor Nels Solander. He was a member of the  Seabee , The US Navy Construction Battalion (CB,), whose was stationed at Midway in 1944 and 1945. The paintings were on display inside Midway’s theater until they were moved to Hawaii and the Pacific Aviation Museum.

The Midway wildlife refuge.manager Sue Schulmeister said “The theater’s walls and ceiling have been deteriorating and I knew the paintings would be lost if they weren’t moved to a more stable environment.”

The murals are on loan to the museum for at least four years.


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