Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum – Suspending Operations

The Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum’s Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc AR614 undergoing maintenance in one of the institution’s hangars some years ago. (photo by Kenneth John Gill via Wikimedia)

The Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum issued a somewhat cryptic press release yesterday (see below), with potentially significant implications. When the late Paul Allen brought us his impression of a world-class, vintage military aviation museum back in 2004, it bloomed rapidly into the inspirational beacon it was to become during his lifetime. However, as is often the case when an institution loses its primary driving force and financial benefactor, the way beyond is not always as clear. The Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum has done so much to preserve, protect and promote the stories and historical artifacts of immeasurable importance to the 20th Century, and we hope they can continue to do so, as there is much yet remaining for them to accomplish. However, even if this concludes as we might infer from the press statement below, we should all offer a huge note of thanks to the late Paul Allen and his team at the museum for all they have achieved so far… Long may their vision continue! Be safe, and stay well.

The COVID-19 crisis has had a devastating effect on many cultural organizations, especially those that rely on public gatherings and special events to achieve their mission. Given so much uncertainty, we have made the very difficult decision to suspend all operations of Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum for now. 
Our mission has always been to celebrate humanity’s spirit during the world conflicts of the 20th century by returning the rare aircraft, vehicles and artifacts within the museum to working condition enabling the public to experience them firsthand. The current global situation is making it difficult for us to serve our mission and we will spend the months ahead reassessing if, how, and when to reopen. 
In the coming weeks we’ll follow up with information about ticket, membership and donation refunds. If you have any immediate questions, please reach out to 
Thank you to our members, donors, community and corporate partners and our employees and volunteers who have made Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum so special. 

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