Palm Springs Air Museum Raises $2.2 Million at The 2023 Annual Gala

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The Palm Springs Air Museum raised $2.2 million dollars at our 2023 Annual Gala honoring Women in Aviation on Saturday, February 18th.

As a non-profit organization, this funding is necessary for the Museum to continue to pursue its vital mission to educate children with our programming about Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology. The staff also works tirelessly to continue their outreach to the general public about the role Air Power and Aviation in general plays in preserving American liberties and our way of life.

Honoring Women in Aviation is also an important way to recognize the contributions of women to the field of aviation, which has historically been male-dominated. By highlighting the achievements of women in aviation, the Palm Springs Air Museum can help inspire future generations of female aviators and demonstrate that the sky truly is the limit for anyone with a passion for flying.

Women in Aviation


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