P-38 Lightning and F4U Corsair Video

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Today we came across this amazing video of a Lockheed P-38 Lightning and Chance Vought F4U-4 “CORSAIR” belonging to the Flying Bulls collection shot during formation training flight over the Austrian mountains. This F4 was one of the 2,500 Corsairs built for the US Navy in 1945 though particular plane never saw any wartime action. The airplane is entirely fit for aerobatics, but it is flown conservatively because of its age though 4.5 G’s in a deep curve is not uncommon despite the relatively gentle treatment.

The P-38 was never intended to be a leisure plane or a plane for “Sunday pilots.” It was produced as a serious plane in serious times; as the American answer to the ME-109 of the German armed forces during the Second World War.

In a famous homage to the Lookheed P-38 Lightning, the long-term owner Marvin “Lefty” Gardner toyed with the idea of letting the plane die after it was severely damaged in an accident, though he says the plane has been like “heaven on earth” for him. Luckily he decided to restore her and the best preserved P-38 in the world eventually made the long journey to Salzburg to be with its siblings in the Flying Bulls where this video was recorded.

Interested to learn how to fly a Corsair? Check out this pilot manual.



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