SEAT 29B, Travel Stories of an Airplane Fanatic

In the 1930s, air travel was considered glamorous and exciting. But in today’s world, lines have unfortunately become long, leg room has shrunk to unthinkable sizes, food choices have become less than desirable, and passengers have become unpredictable travelers who often conduct themselves in ways that would have made their grandmothers shudder in horror.

Breakfast is served – the glamour of 1930s luxury aboard an Imperial Airways Empire Class flying boat during the late 1930s. Sadly the days of such romantic adventure have largely disappeared from commercial air travel today.

In a candid collection of real-life air travel experiences, seasoned businss traveler Gordon Page shares both humorous and cringe-worthy stories of his challenges traveling the world in Seat 29B to appraise aircraft. From passengers who clipped their toenails, blacked out, or stripped naked during an overnight international flight, to a spiritual healer who confidently assisted with an in-flight medical emergency, to the flight attendants who patiently dealt with a variety of incidents and personalities, Page leads us through his diverse, often shocking experiences gathered from a million-plus miles of flying. Throughout his entertaining narrative, Page reminds all of us that attitude is the key to viewing travel as an adventure rather than as an unholy ordeal to endure.

“Gordon … has captured the pain of travel for business, but also demonstrated a clear sense of humor about the process. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view from Seat 29B.”—Paul Hinton, pilot and aviation industry professional


Seat 29B is the third book by author Gordon R. Page (Warbird Recovery and Chasing Planes being the others) and is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble,,, Air Museum gift shops, and at the Spirit of Flight museum in Westminster, CO.

Contact the Spirit of Flight Center at for more information.


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